Savings and Investments


Investments Newbury

Savings and investments are designed to provide for your future needs, whether that’s capital for a specific purpose, an income, or to pass on to the next generation. That’s why it’s important to have clear objectives and timeframes before making any investment decisions.


At Dawn Slater Wealth Management, we will help identify those detailed objectives by completing a financial planning exercise, potentially including cashflow modelling, and assessing your suitability criteria, including your attitude to investment risk.


Once we’ve established your objectives, we’ll review your current investments to determine if they remain suitable for what you’re trying to achieve. This will include:


• Timeframe
• Investment risk
• Cost
• Investment performance
• Protection
• Tax
• Any additional features


Only when we’ve done this will we make personal recommendations to you.


Listed below are some of the product solutions you may already have in place or we may recommend. You can click through to find out more details.


Individuals Savings accounts (ISAs)
Collectives (OEICs, Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts)
Insurance Bonds
Complex investments (EIS, VCT and SEIS)