Pension Consolidation

Pension Consolidation Newbury

Given the significant increases in job mobility in the last few decades, its no surprise that you may have a number of different pension arrangements accumulated over time with no clear idea of what to do with them.


Keeping track of a number of pension arrangements can be time consuming, particularly with the jargon associated with pensions in general. Each plan may have different options, with different retirement dates and different fund choices which can easily lead to confusion. For most people, the easy option is to consolidate their pension arrangements into a single plan.




Different pension arrangements, particularly older ones, can have valuable benefits that it is not always in your best interests to give up. Likewise, if you are going to consolidate your pension funds, then to where and how?


At Dawn Slater Wealth Management, we will help identify your retirement objectives by completing a financial planning exercise, potentially including cashflow modelling, and assessing your suitability criteria, including your attitude to investment risk.


Once we’ve established your objectives, we’ll review your current pensions and investments to see if there’s a gap between what you already have and what you’re trying to achieve. This will include:


• Timeframe
• Investment risk
• Cost
• Investment performance
• Any additional features


Only when we’ve done this will we make personal recommendations to you. This may include consolidating some, all or even none of your pension arrangements depending on your specific circumstances.


To get you started we also offer a completely free consultation. As professional and friendly experts, we are here to help you. All you need to do is get in contact today on 01635 551926 to find out more.