Pension Consolidation


Pension Consolidation Newbury

Today it is no surprise when a potential client comes to us with a number of pensions accumulated over time and has no idea what to do with them


Keeping track of a number of pensions can also be very time consuming, and when you include the jargon that is associated with each policy, it can become an ever increasing problem that doesn’t make sense to most people.


Each policy may have different options, so this can lead to confusion, but we are very happy to guide our clients through this maze


Not only will we endeavour to give you the best advice, we will ensure that it is relevant to you and your circumstances

It isn’t always beneficial to consolidate pensions into one place; so our advice may be to leave some or all of your pension pots where they are!


To get you started we also offer a completely free consultation. As professional and friendly experts, we are here to help you. All you need to do is get in contact today on 01635 551926 to find out more.