Collectives (OEICs, Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts)


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A collective investment scheme is a form of investment fund that enables a number of investors to “pool” their assets and invest in a professionally managed portfolio of investments. Typically, the portfolio will comprise gilts, bonds and quoted equities, or less commonly unquoted investments or property. Investors in such schemes are able to spread or reduce the risk that is associated with investment in such assets as well as gain the benefits of professional management.


The value of an investment in an OEICs or unit trust is based on the total value of all investors’ funds – referred to as the net asset value. Investment trusts, however, are quoted on the stock market and so the value of an investment into an investment trust will likely not be equal to the value of the underlying holdings. For this reason, investment trusts can be considered to present a higher investment risk that OEICs and unit trusts.


The range of underlying investments that collectives may invest, or specialise in, is significant, from lower risk gilts (government debt) and corporate bonds to developed market equities and specialist equities.


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