Estate Planning

Estate Planning Newbury

When you achieve a certain status in life, it becomes important to ensure you’re leaving something behind for generations to come – and that means making sure your estate goes to whom and when you want it to. In doing so, it’s vital to construct your affairs so the taxes involved are minimised, thereby maximising the benefit for those you intend.


The inheritance tax (IHT) rules allow for no tax on transfers between spouses. Individuals have a nil rate band (currently £325,000) that can also be transferred between one spouse and another on death, and the government has relatively recently brought in an additional main residence nil rate band if you pass your home to your children or grandchildren that will rise to £175,000 by 2020/21.


IHT is complex. There are a range of exemptions and allowances that may or may not apply in certain circumstances and a variety of options to help mitigate any potential remaining tax liability.


At Dawn Slater Wealth Management, we’re expert in helping clients decide where, when and how they want to pass on their estates, and then putting plans into place to ensure that happens in the most tax efficient manner possible, taking into account individual and family circumstances.


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